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Casino at East Greenbush Offers Commitments


With community support being an essential component to the awarding of a casino license, the Casino at East Greenbush is publishing a list of commitments they would make to the community if they are allowed to build.  

Here are some commitments the organizers outline in a news release:

On-Site Promotional Visibility: The Casino at East Greenbush will showcase the services and products of local restaurants, attractions and retailers throughout the casino to the millions of guests each year. Each promotion will be customized to maximize the benefit to the individual business.

Capital Concierge: The Casino at East Greenbush will have a professional and knowledgeable concierge service to provide patrons with detailed information for, and special promotions to, local amenities including restaurants, tourist attractions and lodging.

Destination Shuttle: The Casino at East Greenbush will provide a convenient shuttle service that will take guests to and from a wide array of local and regional attractions, including restaurants and retailers in the Town of East Greenbush.

The news release also says the Casino at East Greenbush would host an annual celebrity poker tournament, in which participants will play for a local charity of their choice and would offer a player rewards program that would allow guests to redeem earned points for gift cards that can be used at area businesses and attractions.


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