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Sage Honors Hochsprung, others from Sandy Hook

Sage Honors Hochsprung, others from Sandy Hook

Dawn HochsprungSage College will hold a moment of silence to honor Dawn Hochsprung, the principal at Sandy Hook on Friday afternoon. She was a Doctoral candidate in Sage’s Educational Leadership program and was among the 26 killed last year in Newtown, Connecticut. There will be a brief memorial that will include lighting candles and reading the names of all the victims on the campus.

Susan Scrimshaw, president of The Sage Colleges; Lori Quigley, dean of the Esteves School of Education; and Ann Myers, director of the “Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center,” will lead a brief memorial that will include 27 candles lit 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. providing an opportunity for personal reflection for members of the campus community.

The event is being hosted by the “Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center for the Promotion of Mental Health and School Safety,” founded by Sage in Dawn’s honor to explore, develop and share solutions that promote the mental health of each child and safe learning environments for all children.

“This is truly a somber occasion as we remember Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, one of our Sage family members, and the other victims who were taken from us much too soon as a result of the tragic events that unfolded that dark day,” reflected President Scrimshaw. “The legacy that Dawn left through her love of education, and the countless children whose lives she changed on a daily basis, will continue to live on through them and through the work of the ‘Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center for the Promotion of Mental Health and School Safety’ here at Sage.”

“The Hochsprung Center’s mission is a tribute to Dawn and can only be accomplished by the participation of the entire community, adults and children alike,” explained Ann Myers. “The center will continue to explore the relationship between mental health and school safety, and work together with all members of our community to develop and share solutions to the complex issues that contribute to creating school culture. It is our hope that through the work of the Hochsprung Center, we can prevent tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting from occurring in the future.”

The Hochsprung Center was conceived in the wake of the tragedy and formally established in February 2013. Ann Myers, former district superintendent of Questar III BOCES, was named as founding director of the center in July. The center’s inaugural event was held in October and included a keynote discussion led by Dr. Kyle Blanchfield, president and CEO of the Northern New York Centers for Conflict Resolution, which focused on leadership, violence and school climate. The center is currently conducting research in alignment with its mission and is planning a day-long summit for May 2014.


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