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Prisoner Attacks Nurse, Officer

Prisoner Attacks Nurse, Officer

After intentionally swallowing an object and then treated at Albany Medical Center, a prisoner attacked a nurse and then a Corrections Officer in a secure wing of the hospital, authorities said.

Anthony Smith, 56, who is doing time at the Clinton Correctional Facility, went after a nurse and punched the prison guard several times in the head, investigators said. Smith is serving a life sentence after being convicted of over two dozen violent attacks of staff and other inmates since being sent to prison for assault and burglary in 1995.

The incident happened Saturday, Nov. 9 but Smith had been hospitalized back on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The Sergeant in the room told Smith, who was not restrained, to calm down as he became more aggressive with the nurse, authorities said in a statement. Smith reportedly jumped up from his bed toward the nurse and the Sergeant got between them.

After being punched, the guard was able to restrain Smith and got restraints on his wrists and leg irons on his ankles all the while Smith continued to kick and struggle, authorities said.

The Sergeant was treated in the emergency room for cuts to the left side of his head, behind his left ear and scratches to his forehead but remained on duty. The nurse and other two officers were uninjured.

Smith has 18 recorded incidents in which he attacked staff, seven in which he attacked fellow inmates and one in which he attacked civilian staff. Smith, 56, is still hospitalized at Albany Medical Center.  Criminal charges for the assault are pending. 


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