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Bold burglary of four Loudonville homes.

Bold burglary of four Loudonville homes.

4 homes in Loudonville have been burglarized in June and July with potentially tens of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry stolen.

Lieutenant Bob Winn tells News Radio 810 and 103.1 WGY that the homes were entered during the hours people typically sleep, and in two of the cases the residents were home, but did not discover the thefts until the next morning. The homes were entered thru unlocked doors or windows with little or no damage done to make entry.  For example a window screen may have been torn to gain entry.

Colonie Police don't know if they are looking for one or more suspects and they don't know if they are dealing with amateurs or professionals but Lieutenant Winn has one word to describe what he is seeing, “Bold.”

Lieutenant Winn advises everyone to lock their doors and windows, activate alarms, leave exterior lights on, and pay extra attention in their neighborhoods. 

Of course anyone who notices suspicious activity should contact police.

The number for the Colonie Police Department is 783-2744.


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